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Cacho de Cabra (Goat's Horn)


Mellow Chilies of South America

Cacho de Cabra [Ca-cho day Ca-bra] -

Goat's Horn, a smoked chili pepper from Peru and Chile noted for its intense smoked chili flavor. (Heat: 1K - 5K Scoville.)

Pasilla de Oaxaca [Pa-see-ya day Wa-ha-ca] -

Aisle of Oaxaca, a smoked chili pepper from the Mexican state of Oaxaca noted for its luxuriously rich smoked chili flavor. (Heat: 4K - 10K Scoville.)

These chilies both start out about as hot as a Jalapeno, but we use a custom flavor extraction process to take the smoke and the robust chili flavor without all the heat. After the process, the whiskey is equivalent to a mild Anaheim pepper (about 1000 Scoville). Honey tempers and balances the chili flavors for a smooth sipping whiskey.  We recommend chilled or served on the rocks. Got a favorite cocktail using Cacho? Send it in!!

Tasting Notes

Color: Deep reddish-brown.

Aroma: Three layers of whiskey caramels, honey, and BBQ.

Flavor: Broad and densely packed with light sweetness from grain and honey supporting big chili notes. On the finish, the heat builds pleasurably for a couple of seconds then recedes leaving a slight tingle. 

Available in 750 ml.  Bottled at 40.0% ABV.

2021 Silver - American Craft Distilling Assoc.

Find It Here:

Caipirinha de Cabra

1/2 Lime sliced into wedges

1-1/2 tsp Sugar (finely powdered is ideal)

2 oz Cacho de Cabra

Lime wheel

A favorite cocktail of ours is the Caipirinha (pronounced cap-a-ree-na), traditionally made with Brazilian Cachaça. It’s a wonderfully refreshing hot-weather drink made with lots of lime. Turns out, this a great showcase for our Cacho de Cabra, which adds a smoky, meaty flavor. 

Muddle the lime and sugar in an Old Fashioned glass. Add the Cacho, stir, and top off with ice. Garnish with a lime round. Salud!

Goat Breath Margarita

1-1/2 oz. Cacho de Cabra

1 oz. Orange flavored Liqueur

1/2 oz. Lime Juice

2 dashes Angostura Orange Bitters

Coarse Ground Salt

Lime wheel

This is a classic spin and a great showcase for Cacho de Cabra.

Rim the glass in lime and dip in salt. Combine other ingredients with ice and shake.  Pour the result into the glass, garnish with lime, and enjoy!

Old Fashioned Goat

Orange Slice

Preserved Cherry

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

2 oz Cacho de Cabra

Orange Zest

While the original Old Fashioned calls for a sugar cube, you can probably skip that here since Cacho brings some honey to the party.

Muddle the Orange, Cherry, and Bitters in an Old Fashioned glass. Add a large ice cube and pour over the Cacho de Cabra then give it a quick stir. Toss in the orange zest and enjoy, the old fashioned way!

Cabra Limón (Lemon Goat)

2 oz Cacho de Cabra

1 oz Lemon Syrup

5 dashes Peach Bitters

Fresh Sage

Fresh Rosemary

Lemon Zest

In a tin, lightly muddle 3 Sage leaves and one Rosemary sprig in Lemon Syrup. Add Peach Bitters and Cacho de Cabra. Shake and double strain over large ice cube in a chilled rocks glass. Express Lemon peal over the top and garnish with Sage leaf.

Cocktail and image by:  Cocktails With Corinne

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